Assembling and Maintaining your LOPE Pilates Reformer

Assembling and Maintaining your LOPE Pilates Reformer


You have now received your beautiful Pilates reformer.

When you receive your reformer, you should have tool kite bag comes together.

We want to make sure we take good care of it as it is crucial to your wellness and fitness experience.

First of all, make sure it's clean.

Most important is to make sure your travel rail is clean.
You can simply use fragrance free baby wipe to clean your vinyl.

Make sure each side are balanced.
Sometimes one side of the screws may be tighter than the other side.
You might need to tighten up the screws or loosen them with the tool kit as needed.

However, DO NOT take the screws off without contacting us first. This is because on the Aluminum Reformer, if you take off the screws, you will then need to take many screws off to connect it back.

Replace your spring every year.

Always feel free to contact us on, or call us on 0412281528

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