How to assemble your LOPE Pilates Reformer?

How to assemble your LOPE Pilates Reformer?

First of all, 

Check all the accessories are there.

When you order Commercial Reformer. You should have two packing boxes, and one set pulleys. 

One box includes shoulder rest, and the posts for the shoulder rest.

The other box includes ropes, double loops straps and footstrap.

Then follow the assemble instruction we provide you. 

1. Take the Reformer out of box by two people.

2. Set up the Pulleys.

3. Set up the Ropes.

4. Set up the Straps. 

5. Set up the Footstrap.

6. Raise the footbar up.

Then put one spring on, to check the carriage.

Change your spring, start your workout!

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