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LOPE Pilates Equipment

Classic Aluminium Cadillac

Classic Aluminium Cadillac

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Classic Aluminium Cadillac

Product Description:

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless aluminium.
  • Durable leather upholstered bed providing firm comfort and support. 

    The Classic Aluminium Cadillac includes:
  • Springs for legs.
  • Springs for arms.
  • Push bar.
  • Arm bar. 
  • Upholstered bar support.
  • Fuzzie arm/leg handles.
  • Upholstered trapeze bar.
  • Kuna board.
  • Galvanised steel tubes and accessories with safety chain included.

Product Dimensions:
Length: 208cm (219cm with flanges )
Width: 64.5cm
Height: 204cm (Trapeze knobs add 4.5cm)
Bed height: 63cm

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