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LOPE Pilates Equipment

LOPE Flow Reformer (BLACK)

LOPE Flow Reformer (BLACK)

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LOPE Flow Reformer (BLACK)

Product Feature and Benefits:

  • Made of Aluminium making it strong and durable. 
  • Modern design will suit any pilates studio or clinic.
  • Comes with high feet. 
  • It includes our premium Sitting Box and Jump-board to elevate
  • Platform is made with wood, covered by 3M Non-slip Material.
  • Footbar: 4 Options Internal adjustable footbar. 
  • Headrest: 3 Adjustable Position. 
  • Springs: Piano Wire Springs. 5 Springs. 3 Strong(Red), 1 Medium(Blue), 1 Yellow(Light). 
  • Gearbar/ Spring Hook: 2 Options( can adjust the resistance of the springs.)
  • Pulleys: Adjustable Height.
Reformer Bed specifications:
Length (Including Footbar): 273cm
Length (From Exterior): 243cm
Length (From Interior): 220cm
Frame width (Exterior): 52cm
Frame width (Interior):43.5cm
Carriage Height (From Floor to Carriage): 17cm
Carriage cushion (not including headrest): 32cmx53cm
Carriage cushion (including headrest): 47cmx53cm
Carriage headrest: 24cmx17cm
Carriage travel distance (top of carriage in resting position to top of reformer):102cm

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