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LOPE Pilates Equipment

Springboard Wall Board with Push Bar

Springboard Wall Board with Push Bar

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Lope Pilates equipment Springboard, with a push bar and wall board.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • This equipment is a unique machine that is characterised by its versatility, also an excellent option for those who need to take advantage of space and get the most out of their exercises.


Cadillac + Ped-Pull + Leaning Platform + Ballet Bar + Training in suspension.

Comes with 8 springs. Two yellow(light) long springs, two green(medium) long springs, two yellow(light) short springs, two green(medium) short springs, also comes with one pair Handle Straps and one pair single loop straps, Solid Roll Down Bar, and Solid Dowel , Push Through Bar( 5 height options). Mounted to the wall.

Product Dimensions:
Width: 55.5 Cm
Height: 182.5 Cm

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