How Commercial Pilate Equipment Helps In Improving Your Mobility

How Commercial Pilate Equipment Helps In Improving Your Mobility

Trainers and physical therapists tend to use the term mobility, but what do we mean when we say mobility? Mobility is the combination of strength, flexibility, and control of joints. It is the overall range of motion within a person and is vital to their health and daily functioning.

Whether you are an athlete or a performer, maintaining your mobility is essential to ensuring optimal mechanics and strength development. If you are simply an average person who works all day and works out when you can, maintaining your mobility is what helps you stay healthy and active for longer.

How does Commercial Pilate Equipment Works At Improving Mobility?

  • Pilate is an excellent way to improve mobility and range of motion in joints for everyone, but especially for seniors.
  • Fitness enthusiasts, whether they are new to Pilates or already active, can greatly benefit from its functional conditioning.
  • Eccentric training is a good way to improve your mobility. Pilates emphasizes eccentric contraction more than most other exercise systems, which makes it a smart choice for people who would like this type of training. The reason for this is that Pilates trains the muscles through eccentric contractions by using spring resistance on the reformer, chair, or trapeze table.
  • Pilates emphasizes working the body as a whole, including small muscles that are often overlooked during workouts. Having these small muscles move and hydrated will help them support and stabilize the joints.
  • Pilates exercises focus on more than just the core. But, an emphasis is placed on increasing ankle and foot flexibility. As a result, Pilates includes many corrective exercises for the feet. By strengthening and flexing our feet, you are better able to lift your feet, knees, and hips, which in turn means less drag. Additionally, it gives you a sense of stability that allows adjusting to uneven surfaces.
  • For people with MS and walking disabilities, Pilates can be an effective exercise method to improve balance, leg strength, and walking ability.
  • Each Pilates reformer routine emphasizes mobility, not just highlighting it, but incorporating it into the workout. No matter what body type, fitness level, or experience you have, you can use a Pilates reformer.
  • Pilates offers a unique experience especially when coupled with a Pilates reformer. Pilates reformers focus on full body alignment, enhancing controlled mobility while balancing opposing muscles. Instead of lifting weights or stretching statically, Pilates reformers require your body to move against resistance while exercising flexibility and control.
  • Rather than focusing on just one muscle group at a time, Pilates reformers are intuitive machines that challenge multiple muscles simultaneously with control over the range of motion that targets strength, mobility, and flexibility


Pilates reformers can be beneficial to your health and well-being, but if you're looking to improve your mobility, they're a time-saving tool. Consistently using this equipment will increase your strength, flexibility, and control while decreasing your risk of injury, improving your everyday activities, and enhancing your athletic performance.

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