Pilates Reformer Equipment – Beginner’s Guide

Pilates Reformer Equipment – Beginner’s Guide

No matter your age, gender, race, size, ability, or fitness level, Pilates can benefit you. In addition to helping those with a sedentary lifestyle, weekend warriors, pregnant women, people undergoing rehab, people with anxiety, or professional athletes, Pilates also has been shown to significantly reduce back pain and improve the overall quality of life.

While fitness trends come and go, Pilates reformer equipments are here to stay. Wondering where to begin? Here’s everything you need to know about Pilates Reformer Equipment as a beginner:

What is Pilates Reformer Equipment?

Invented by Joseph Pilates, a Pilates reformer is an apparatus that works every muscle in your body. With an adjustable spring system, it consists of a carriage with a sliding platform. Despite offering resistance, the springs also facilitate full-body stretches.

Benefits of using a Pilates Reformer Equipment:

  • Increases core strength & improves posture
  • Boosts proprioception, or body awareness
  • Increases flexibility and mobility
  • Increases immunity, especially in older adults
  • Elevate your sport or activity

How to choose the best Pilates reformer equipment for you?

Pilates reformers aren't that cheap, so when choosing one, consider the following factors:

1) Consider the design:

Having a reformer that is higher off the ground will increase your mobility and stability. In contrast, if you are limited in space, then you might prefer a foldable or mobile model.

2) Invest in quality

It is recommended that you choose Pilates reformer equipment that is studio grade and will continue to hold up for many years to come.

3) Go for springs

If you prefer a studio-like experience, opt for a Pilates reformer with springs (just note they are more expensive). The springs should have varying degrees of resistance so you can challenge yourself over time.

Mechanics of the Pilates Reformer Equipment:

The basic structure of all Pilates reformers is the same. As prices differ, so do quality, features, stability, and durability.

  • REFORMER FRAME: The most important aspect of the frame is stability. A classic Reformer frame is crafted from solid hardwood. Formerly, metal frames were made of steel, but now they are predominantly made of aluminum, which is lighter and more elegant. 
  • SPRINGS, FOOTBAR, AND GEAR SYSTEM: Reformer footbars function as a launch pad for feet or hands on the carriage. Reformer springs provide resistance to the carriage. And the gear system lets you change the distance between the spring bar and the carriage end. 
  • REFORMER CARRIAGE: This is the largest surface area on the Reformer. Pulling the straps or pushing the footbar helps the carriage move in the frame whether you are kneeling, lying down, standing, or sitting. 
  • HEADREST AND SHOULDER BLOCKS: As you push or pull the carriage, you are kept stable on the Reformer by the headrest and shoulder blocks on either side. 


Wrapping Up:

Beginners may perceive Pilates Reformer equipment as difficult and as a medieval torture device. However, as long as you prepare for your first experience, there is no need to be afraid of the Reformer. A little help and a lot of practice can help you master the Pilates reformer equipment, too.

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